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Replacement PN: (Please use the "Ctrl+F")
For Black & Decker SS18, GCO18SFB, GLC2500, 244760-00, HP188F2B, HP188F3B, HP188F3K,HP188F4BK, HPB18, HPB18-OPE, HPD1800, HPD18K-2, HPG1800, HPG18K-2, A18, A18E, A1718, FSB18, FS18FL, FS18BX, FS180BX, FS188F4, NS118, NST1810, NST2018, NST2118, NSW18, NHT518, NPP2018, NPT3118, BD18PSK, BDGL1800, BDGL18K-2, CD182K-2, CD18SFRK, CD18SK-2, CDC180AK, CDC180ASB, CDC18GK2, EPC18CAK, EPC18CABK, PS18K2, PS182KB, XTC18BK, XTC183BK.

Compatible with: (Please use the "Ctrl+F")
For Black & Decker 18V FSL18, FS18HV, FS18PS, FS18PSK, FSX18HD, FSX1800HD, FS1800S, FS1800JS, FS18RS, FS1800RS, FS18CS, FS1800CS, FS18ID, FS1800ID, FS1800D, FS1800D-2, FS1802D, FS1802S, FS1806CSL.

Item specifics
3.Battery Type: Ni-MH
4.Brand: Vanon
5.Package: carton
6.Warranty: 1 Year Warranty + 30 Days Money back
7.Conditions: 100% Brand New

1. Integrated microchip prevents overcharging, over-discharge, over-current, provides short circuit protection, and steady voltage circuit, all of these lengthen battery life.
2.3600mAh High capacity has 40% more run-time than standard batteries. Made with high-quality battery cells.
3. Products are CE, FCC and ROHS certified, tested by manufacturer to match OEM products.
4.Compatibility with the original and Lower Price than Original OEM Battery.
5.No memory effect.

1. The battery must be FULLY charged before first use.
2. Do not Separation, extrusion, and impact.
3. Keep away from children.
4. Keep the battery healthy by cleaning dirty with a cotton swab and alcohol and also fully charged.


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